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About Us

Akvemtek Ltd. is an Engineering Company in Turkey-Kocaeli which is industrialised city of Turkey and next to Istanbul about 100km. Akvemtek Engineering Office make Research and Development for Metal Seated Ball Valves with Tubitak in order to reach 950°C endurable prodcuts and make engineering projects for float suction with Igatec GmbH as partner. Beside R&D Akvemtek Ltd offer to customers Industrial Valves, Swivel Joint and Machining for special machine parts especially Europe and America.


Akvemtek Valve specialised for Ball Valves such as metal seated ball valves, high temperature ball valves, high pressure ball valves, special design ball valves and also served to customers with other valves like gate valve, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves. 


Akvemtek CNC Machining served to customers in the field of stainless steel, magnesium-alloy, titanium-alloy, corbon steel and cast iron parts manufacturing by expert technicals and qualified machine parks which are Vertical CNC milling cutter and CNC Lathes.


Akvemtek Swivel Joints is representative of Igatec GmbH in Turkey. Offer to customer the best swivel joints and prepreare Engineering Study for float suction request Middle East and Turkey Projects.  


Basic Values; Customer Satisfaction, Being Fast, Innovative Solution, Elastic, Sustainable.   


Mission; to find the best solution which is fast, high quality and low cost for customers.


Vision; fast and zero fault in quoting, analysing, manufacturing and measuring phases. Zero scrap cost   Despite low capacity requests, served to customers with minimum cost via zero scrap cost and maximum capacity of plant.

Why manufacturing parts in Turkey-AkvemCNC;

  • Near to Eurepean countries and placed Kocaeli which is next to Istanbul (45 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen Airport)

  • Developed infrastructure because placed in Kocaeli, industrialized city

  • Qualified personnel

  • Easly contact with Turkish/English/German

  • German coordinator for Eurepe operation

  • Low manufacturing cost

  • Offer you fnished parts as one responsible contact (casting, machining, grinding,painting...)

  • Know-how for mass production and lean production

  • CAD-CAM-CAE knowledge

  • Reporting to your company for your products if you request pediodical

  • References from German companies-possible to shear if you request

Parts which manufactured for days, were not controled enough and Ingot Metal which untouched, have differences. At least ingot metal will be machined and occured a fnished product but other parts which produced with low quality and not controled must be sent to scrap area for melting process.                                                

                                                                                  İsmail Dişli

Our aim is not only to be fast. We have to struggle in the world with high quality and to be the fastest.

                                                                                             Zihni Çelik

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