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International Machining

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Akvemtek Ltd. Machining Department aims to manufacture metal parts as turn-key for only Europian countries with high quality.


Companies profits are so important these days and not possible to move all companies to cheaper countries like China or Turkey. 


China is far for Eurepean countries and hard to control factors like transports, material quality, workmanships defects. Few people in companies can speak English or German. 


Turkey have cheaper manufacturing system than Eurepean countries. Far from to Germany 3 hours. Akvemtek Ltd. located in Kocaeli which is next to İstanbul about 60km to Sabiha Gokcen Airtport in Istanbul. Besides all of them Kocaeli is industrialised city of Turkey with Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Fedaral Mogul, Tupras, Autoliv, Basf, Bekaert, Posco Assan, Proctocer Gamble, Toyetetsu, Unilever factories. 


Confidence is the most important value for Akvemtek Ltd. We have reference from German companies, you can contact and take information for our companies. 


We to have  long-term relationships with our customers. If face any problem, our European Coordinator for Machining Programs in Germany. 


Basic values are; 

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Being fast

  • Innovative

  • Elastic

  • Sustainable

  • Full service from Akvemtek Ltd. as a single source


Your all metal parts requests answered by Akvemtek Engineering Department and possible to met quickly with our Germany Coordinator. Also possible to set meeting with Webex or Skype programs with our factory.


We have CNC Lathe, CNC Milling machines attached documents in DOWNLOADS side of page.


Akvemtek has CNC Turning Machines ( Lathe ), CNC Milling Machines, Welding Machines. Also can manage customer works for casting, painting, grinding...Please look DONLOADS Documents for detail informations.




Coordinator Machining Programms
Seher Cetin

T: +49 15155 43 99 23


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