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Qualität System mit Akvem Modell

Total Quality System

Qualitätskontrolle System

  • Führung und Zielkonsequenz

  • Management mit Prozessen und Fakten

  • Mitarbeiterentwicklung und Beteiligung

  • Kontinuierliches Lernen, Innovation und Verbesserung

  • Aufbau von Partnerschaften

  • Verantwortung gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit

  • Ergebnisorientierung

  • Kundenorientierung

Quality control system branch of the Total Quality Management (TQM) one of the most important subject and start from material enter the company and proceed all process. According to customer focus, determined the best customer request for quality control such as mass control or sampling control model. 

6 Sigma und A3 Bericht

According to Continuos Improvement and Default Preventing that are included in Total Quality Management (TQM), our aim is to abolish problems before occuring by FMEA studies. However, some problems occur unexpectedly so it is important for Akvem-CNC that learn failure and find solution via 6 Sigma or A3 Problem Solving Tools in order to not encounter same problem again.  

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