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Akvemtek Valve specialised to serve oil&gas, pertrochemical, food, paper, mine, steel factories valve requests. Own R&D department can help customer special request for ball valves and study to improve resistance of ball valves up to 950°C with Tubitak projects. Metal seated ball valves, high temperature ball valves and high pressure ball valves are durable type products and not have any stock.


Other valves types are gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, simple ball valves, marine valves. 

Durable Valves Group (DVG)

Metal yataklı, metal seat küresel vana, ball valve.jpg
Metal Seated Ball Valves
  • DIN and ANSI Standard

  • Up to DN200 Dimension

  • Up to PN100 Bar 

  • ISO 5208 Rate D

  • Flange/Weld/Thread Connection

  • ISO 5211 Design

High Pressure Ball Valves


  • DIN and ANSI Standard

  • Up to DN400 Dimension

  • Up to 440 Bar

  • Flange/Weld/Thread Connection

  • ISO 5211

Yüksek, basınç, küresel, vana, high, pressure, special, ball, valve, Türkiye, Turkey
Yüksek, sıcaklık, küresel, vana, high, temperature, special, ball, valve, Türkiye, Turkey
High Temperature Ball Valves


  • DIN and ANSI Standard

  • Up to DN50 Dimension

  • Up to 550°C Resistance

  • ISO 5208 Rate D

  • Flange / Weld / Thread Connection

  • ISO 5211

Special Ball Valves


Akvemtek Ltd serve to you for your special request such as 4 ways ball valves, special materials, not proper to DIN or ANSI standard, tank connections.

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